Baron Shadrick von Vierheim



Born into a rather destitute family, Shadrick was a sickly young boy that came out of the womb white as snow, as he was born with albinism. Denizens of the town came from far and wide to see Shadrick, for no sentient race had ever had this phenomenon occur. Claiming that he was considered to be a sacred and pure child, worshipers of Pelor, the god of the sun, exalted him and his family, allowing his family to become land-owners that became rather wealthy over time, marketing their son. This display he was put up as helped to twist Shadrick’s mind, causing him to have an unending desire for perfection. When Shadrick became very violently ill in the prime of his life, Aristochris Giljamarian and Dr. Varill Deleresius found that they could save him by turning him into their new concept of power and awe: the Praetorian. Infused with horrendously large amounts of arcane power, Shadrick foundthis power quite amusing, but with the ability to change reality around him, his ability to be perfect consumed him further. Remaining obsessed with perfection and purity, Shadrick ensured that he was always perfectly clean, imbuing his own body with so many runes of protection and scouring that he had almost no room left in his body for other magical adornments.

Shadrick was defeated by the Ancients after he, along with the other Praetorians, had been sealed away within the land.

PERSONALITY: besides obsession with cleanliness and purity, Shadrick was incredibly elegant, enjoying dancing, singing, and spending his time living pseudo-extravagantly.

Baron Shadrick von Vierheim

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