The Deleresius Rebellion

After the destruction of St. Cuthbert, [[:aristochris giljamarian|the god-King]] devised a plan for his world that he had created. He would populate it with humans, create it as a perfect version of the normal world, and populate it with gods created by the humans themselves. His first goal was satisfied: he created Highthrone as his ultimate creation. Next, he began moving humans from the material world to Highthrone, as he had created copies of the cities of old within his plane for use by the humans. Finally, he set up his final act: using Thaumeturgy to create artificial deities. Gathering Dr. Varill Deleresius and Dr. Levi Roth, he instructed them on what they must do, and Varill immediately declined, stating that Aristochris had gone too far and that artificial gods was where he drew the line.

At this point, Aristochris upped the ante. Stating that only particular beings had to be selected for this process, he gathered Varill’s wife, Liandry, and his daughter, Isabel. Offering an ultimatum, Aristochris stated that Varill could either turn only his daughter and wife into Praetorians, the sole protectors of Highthrone, or he could risk Dr. Roth and Aristochris failing and kill them both. Agreeing finally, when he knew that this sacrifice could mean the safety of so many more, he performed experiments on his wife and daughter that no other man could hardly bear to do to his sworn enemy. After it was done, Aristochris thanked him for his ingenuity and revealed that he had used this process to finish the other 18 specimens with Dr. Roth. At that moment, he did what any sane man would do and punch Aristochris. this would be the single punch that would change the course of the world’s events forever.

Striking his king, Varill knew that the only reward would be death. That’s when he drew his blade. Dueling Aristochris, a known lich, he defeated him and dropped him to his knees. At the end, he executed the man, exacting the ephemeral revenge he needed at the time. Knowing Aristochris would be back within days, he left into hiding. Gathering support of many who were afraid of Aristochris, they set out on a quest to find his beloved phylactery, a heart-shaped box that he kept in his chambers. Laying siege to the castle and seizing the box, he stabbed it through as Aristochris arrived to fight him. Knowing that he had won, he fought with great valor in a crossing of blades that is said to be the most intense in mortal history. when Varill delivered the final blow to Aristochris’ forehead, he laughed hysterically.

“Once again, Varill, you come so far only to fail. My phylactery of that image was abandoned long ago…the seed of eternity carries my soul now.”

as Aristochris vanished once again, Varill knew that it was over. failing his daughter, his wife, and his people, he knew that he would have to protect the secrets of this race for the long haul. Casting himself from Highthrone, he found a place where he could embrace crucimigration, become undead, and bury himself for a rest that would hopefully last the life of Aristochris’ unstable plane. Eventually, he knew, the world would have a use for him, but that time wasn’t now. With the blood in his veins moving, he wouldn’t stand a chance even in the Astral plane, so he embraced death as the most viable solution. There, Varill Deleresius would rest for nearly 10,000 years.

The Deleresius Rebellion

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