Welcome to Worldshift, a custom campaign setting created for Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5.

Currently, this campaign has run its first sequence, completing the beginning of the Story of the Ancients and the re-balancing of the Material Plane.

As of right now, 12 Jul 2013, this setting is armed and ready to handle a session located at the beginning of the Age of Mankind featuring brand new characters as well as the continuation of the Story of the Ancients, as the removal of the god-King form the world was, as you will soon understand, only the tip of the iceberg.

PLAYERS OF MY CAMPAIGN: Read this wiki, and check out most of the historical information. Much of this will be relevant to any character with an extensive background knowledge of history, religion, etc. It is not my responsibility to tell every player information listed here, as it is readily available to you.

Other DMs interested in what I have put together are free to use, abuse, warp, and twist this story however you like, however any of the text located here should be given my credit if printed out, reformed, linked to, or copied and pasted on another site. In addition, if you plan to use this, send me a PM and ask for my email or Skype. I would love to bounce ideas back and forth with another DM, and I will assist you in giving the players a very enjoyable experience. I do not authorize the sale of any of these ideas, but if you’re some sort of publisher of this sort of story, I would prefer contact via PM on this site if you have taken interest in what I have created. Any images utilized within this campaign blog, wiki, and organized list are not my Intellectual Property, and all rights of these images are held by the original creators. The fair use of these images is only to give players of my campaign some sort of visual cue.